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Animal Hospital Services for Greater Cincinnati Include Emergency Vet, Spay and Neuter, Boarding, Vaccinations, and Exotic Animal Care.

Chipmunk healing after visiting an animal hospital in Cincinnati

Exotic Animals

Almost anything one can do on a dog, we can do on a bird, reptile, small mammal.  

  • Office visits for small mammals (ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc), reptiles, avians, amphibians

  • Rabbit neutering

  • Rabbit spaying

  • Radiology interpretation on any of the above species

  • Wing, beak, and nail trim on avians

  • Dental work including teeth trimming on any of the above species

  • We use specialized equipment for micro surgeries and have performed surgeries on fish, small reptiles, small birds, and mammals

  • We work very closely with wildlife rehabilitators

  • Consultation on husbandry and proper care for any exotic pet species

Woman playing with healthy pet after animal vaccinations in Cincinnati, OH


Our Cincinnati animal hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art veterinary technology and a proven-effective animal vaccinations methodology. Our vaccination programs are tailored to your pet's lifestyle and immune status. We have the knowledge and tools to keep your pets happy, healthy and free from diseases such as:

   • Bordatella
   • Distemper
   • Parvovirus
   • Rabies

    A healthy pet is a happy member of your family. That's why at Hamilton Ave Pet Hospital and Sycamore Animal Hospital, we offer emergency animal hospital, reasonable rates, and treatment payment plans for all animal vaccinations. Nothing should get in the way of high quality care for your pets.

    Puppy dog recovering from animal vaccinations in Cincinnati, OH

    Spay and neuter

    The idea of surgery for your pet can be very scary. Our veterinary surgeons in Cincinnati  are among the most compassionate in the business and undergo regular training to ensure the health and safety of your pet through the entire process. At our pet hospitals, our high tech facilities are stocked with the latest equipment and adhere to the highest sterilization standards.

    We can spay or neuter any size, age or breed of your pet with a minimum of anxiety or fuss. And we do our very best to keep them comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

    To help with over-population control in the Cincinnati area, we also offer low cost spay and neuter for both dogs and cats.

    cat in good hands after visiting a Cincinnati emergency vet.


    Hamilton Avenue and Sycamore Animal Hospitals can give you the peace of mind that you deserve when choosing a professional pet boarding service. Our facilities are climate controlled to ensure that your pet has a comfortable stay. Plus, we offer bathing and nail trims during your pet's stay with us.

    We ensure that your healthy pet:

       • has normal eating times
       • has playtime and sleep routines
       • will be given their necessary medications accurately and on time.

      Our locations offer 5 star pet care without the 5 star prices. To schedule boarding for your pet, call us in Cincinnati today!

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